Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has the potential for extraordinary consequences. In this special dossier we assess its impact at distinct levels and areas, and the global challenges of managing this crisis.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential for extraordinary consequences at all levels and it highlights the relevance of global governance and European integration to our daily lives. Spain is among the countries with the highest initial incidence of the virus, underlining the need for a rigorous, multidisciplinary approach aligned with the responses of other countries, the European Union and international organisations like the WHO and the G20. This Elcano Royal Institute special dossier aims to contribute to this objective.

Spain and the COVID crisis: strategic thoughts in a European and international context

Spain has not only been hard hit by the pandemic but is facing reconstruction with specific weaknesses and significant strengths. This report offers some strategic thoughts from the Elcano Royal Institute’s research team, combing an analytical (what is Spain up against in the COVID crisis?) with a prescriptive focus (how can it do so in the best conditions possible?).

This paper looks at threats and opportunities from the three aspects in which domestic public policies and international action feed back into each other: health and the management of the state of alarm; the economy; and social welfare and sustainability.

From an international point of view, COVID-19 is also a highly disruptive force with a significant impact on geopolitics (particularly as regards the rivalry between the US and China), on globalisation’s fragile governance, on European integration and on the various regional scenarios where Spain projects its foreign policy.

It is not only necessary to reconsider Spain’s European policy, but also its foreign policy. The changes brought about by the pandemic in international relations means that Spanish diplomacy must be more proactive and have less faith in the certainties so far provided by its insertion in the Euro-Atlantic world.

The paper also includes thoughts on the desirability of improving governance both domestically and in the sense of achieving more effective connexions abroad, in order for Spain to be better placed in the field of European and global governance.

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