SDG #13

Climate Action

As it continues to be a main topic of discussion and implementation, SDG climate action defines the overall goals and targets that need to be accomplished to mitigate and adapt to rising global temperatures. From the COP-21 to the European Green Deal and the EU COVID-19 recovery plans, the Elcano Royal Institute has devoted increased attention to the energy transition in Spain, and its involvement in broader EU and global plans on climate change. As such, governments around the world are also constantly adopting new policies and measures in the transition into clean and renewable energies that fall in line with the guidelines of the 2030 Agenda.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought more attention and discussion to the energy sector and those topics that relate to climate change. Its global impact has reduced the demand for aviation and road vehicles and the results of this event in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and national recovery plans that include an increased desire to have infrastructure in renewable energy technologies and reduced dependency on fossil fuels.

Icon for the Sustainable Development Goal Climate action