SDG #3

Good health
and well-being

SDG Health and Well-Being and its supporting targets promote healthy living and care for all, including the elderly and at-risk and minority groups. It renews the global commitment to end epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, as in the Millennium Development Goals, and also to achieve universal health care coverage.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this shared goal has become more relevant than ever. Progress on this SDG is to be measured through the reduction of global childhood deaths, major disease outbreaks and cases of people falling ill due to substance abuse and unsafe working and living conditions; and through the availability of health care to all regardless of financial prohibitors. A growing interest has been expressed towards target 3.b, with its focus on increasing vaccine research and production, considering the pandemic.

The Elcano Royal Institute has looked at health as a paradigm of a global public good and fostered analysis on its funding and governance. The Institute is following up on the impact of COVID-19 in various regions and analysing the changes brought about by the pandemic in international relations and global governance.

Icon for the Sustainable Development Goal Good health and well-being